Dream Big: It’s Good For Your Brain

You might have heard this!! Dare to dream. Dreams do come true!! Whether dreams come true or not, but what matters is dreams make a difference to one’s health. How? New research has proven that dreaming refreshes one’s mind. While being lost in dreams our eyes move a lot, leading to RAPID EYE MOVEMENT or..

How To Survive in Hard Times

This is the story of the Ice Age when all species were involved in a fight for survival. Porcupines too were struggling for survival in thundering cold. They were fighting a losing battle. They decided to huddle together to generate warmth from close contact but it proven to be a bane than boon.z Known for..

Multitasking is doing no good

I wish I had more time. 24 hours are way too less it seems. I have always been proud of being a multi-tasker. A superwoman, some would say. But deep inside, there was always this exasperation of running from pillar to post. I was meeting deadlines and ticking the tasks off my internal check-list. After..

How To Own Your Time

I am writing this blog after a gap of many weeks. I was just not getting time from my schedule to put down my thoughts. There was a deep craving to come back to blogging though. Finally, I realised, if I don’t plan my time for blogging, something else will keep eating into my time..

Vent-Out. You Owe It To Yourself

I had a friend who was having a tough time in her marital life. She and her partner were poles apart, often leading to heated arguments and fights. My friend was emotionally broken and was hitting herself in anger. I offered to listen to her, without a piece of any advice. I was just there..

Embrace Law of Pain For Growth

No one wants pain. Not me, not you. Not a single person on this planet is ready to welcome pain. But the reality is you like it or not, it’s a part of your life. Its UNAVOIDABLE. So how do you make the most out of it? You might be wondering what can you get..

The Power Of Saying No

This happened nearly 20 years back when I was trying to get through one of the most prestigious colleges of journalism in India. I went to Chennai with my father, after being selected in the written entrance to give an interview at the Asian College of Journalism. They liked me but offered me Web Journalism..

Comfort Zone Is A Silent Killer

Who likes to leave a cosy comforter in the chill!! Being too comfortable in a position never serves growth or to put it this way “growth never happens in your comfort zone”. It has become a bane for majority of the workforce. Most people are averse to trying something new, taking risk, marching into a..

Biggest Bane In Relationships: Being Judgemental

A flower blooms when the inner and outer environment is friendly. Too much of what’s undesirable would affect its growth. Same goes with humans. I was recently coaching a participant at our Reboot workshop, who initially resisted opening up about his pain point. My work would have been unaccomplished if I hadn’t gone to the..

7 Ways to Create Your Me Time

Freedom. It has been one of the most cherished word. Have we lost it’s meaning in the hustle-bustle of life?A friend recently complained, “I can’t do what my life sings for, I feel like shackled by the need to pay my bills, the wants of my job and the demands of my family”. I seem..

You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup

Compassion for others has always been a key to beautiful relationships but have you ever turned the tap of compassion inwards? Self-Compassion is rarely talked or thought of, in today's fast paced world. Why does compassion towards yourself matters? It does. It makes a difference in the quality of your life. It is about doing..

How To Make Universe Work For You

Life would be a song if you didn’t feel insecure about anything around you! Whether it’s your job, your relationships, your wealth, the kids, your future or just about anything under the sun.If you could be reassured that everything around is taken care of and no one can jeopardise what is rightfully yours, then there..

What Makes Businesses Boom?

I had read somewhere “It’s not about you, it’s about everyone else”. Is this really possible in letter and spirit? This is what I thought initially. Recently I got to see how is this not just possible on ground, but also how its making businesses boom. Attending the Business Network International or the BNI’s online..

Invest In Prayers To Harvest The Gold

There is NOTHING that I have wished for, and have not realised in life. You might be wondering REALLY! What is the secret? One word describes it all. PRAYERS. Soothing, easing, uplifting, empowering and taken care of. This is what prayers mean to me. My day is incomplete without prayers. Since? More than 25 years...

Heart Is Home For Real Intelligence

We all know and associate intelligence with the brain. The brain runs the body and we are nothing without our brains is the common thought among people. But do you know there is something more intelligent and stimulating, that works more than the brain. It keeps you alive and nourished, happiness emanates here and love..

How To Turnaround A Difficult Relationship

You don’t care for me! You can’t be like this! You are being too demanding. You let me down……the list is endless. These words today are commonly heard between people in relationships. Relationship problems are turning into conflicts, with an increasingly big number of people struggling with it today. A rough patch in relationship means..

What Is Hurting Your Real Growth

Survival of the best and the fittest! With everyone aiming to get better than others in pursuit of success, are we getting or chasing the growth that each of us desires? I’m sure the answer is NOT REALLY . Do you know the reason? We are working at cross purposes. The world of cut throat..

Why It Matters To Find Your Purpose

Most of you reading this blog will agree that there is an urge deep inside to do more in life that is fulfilling, enjoyable and uplifting. This also means that a big number of people are dissatisfied with their current state of work and life. It is also validated by research many times.  In a..


Goals are important. They drive our life. It gives a sense of direction when you are oriented towards any goal whether its your job, fitness, wealth or relationships. Focussing on something gives a sense of purpose which is an ingredient for active life. The normal human tendency is that often, while pursuing our goals we..

Will Power Doesn’t Always Make You Win

“Using will power to implement targets, is doing violence to yourself”. First, when I heard this piece of wisdom, I was literally shocked. It said using the power of will in doing things, in achieving your goals is an act of violence on yourself. And the person dishing out this shocker is the ‘Business Buddha’..

How To Convert Rejection Into Success

Being rejected is like someone tearing you apart. Someone pulling the rug off your feet. It can be damaging, disappointing and demoralising. If one knows how to DEAL with it, one can get the best out of rejection.  Good News is that it can also be an opportunity to claim more respect and acclaim for..

How To Reinvent And Discover A New YOU

If there is one thing that is constant in everyone’s life it is CHANGE. There are many people amongst us who have a deep desire to change and can’t figure out how to do it. I too struggled with the strong urge to change before reinventing myself. There was a sense of dissatisfaction brimming inside,..

Life Lessons from Corona

When we don’t do what we should be doing, we are sometimes forced to do it by nature. This Pandemic has shaken the world to do the same for us. The nature reclaimed its space and authority by shutting everything out through the initial phases of the pandemic. Enforcement of lockdown led to an eerie..