Invest In Prayers To Harvest The Gold

There is NOTHING that I have wished for, and have not realised in life. You might be wondering REALLY! What is the secret? One word describes it all. PRAYERS. Soothing, easing, uplifting, empowering and taken care of. This is what prayers mean to me.

My day is incomplete without prayers. Since? More than 25 years.

Prayers have had such a powerful impact in my life that I follow this practice, no matter what happens in my life.

The reason I do it without fail, is that my prayers have shaped me into who I am today. Prayers have shown me the way forward at every step of my life.

It is the source of immense strength that clears my way forward.

This may make you wonder is it an instant route to all your dreams!


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It is a process which does not have a timeframe. There is no demand and supply formula that is applicable when you pray.

Let me share a very personal experience of how prayers gave me immense strength. I struggled to conceive for a long time, going through several rounds of painful infertility treatments, costing huge money. We went to all the temples, shrines and did countless mannats. Nothing worked. Sometime I would be heartbroken. Despite giving it all in terms of treatment, I was nowhere. Time was slipping by.

It sometimes made me wonder if God is not listening or what have I done to deserve this? But it never led me to stop praying. There was this inner push that I have to do it. There was this strong belief that my time will come.

After doing everything possible, I just surrendered. I became OK with the reality and said to myself if God wants me to live childless, so be it. BUT I never stopped praying.

Then one day after many years, everything changed. God showered the grandest blessings on me. I became a mother and each day I feel so blessed to be so. The joy and love that I receive from my li’l one is incomparable.

Now when I look back, I feel the painful journey I went through was for a reason.

I became a mother at the best time. Our financial liabilities were minimal, me and my husband were well- settled in our jobs. We had matured to give good parenting to our child. If I had become a mother earlier, I would have had to jostle through my job and kid. Now, I have left my job to be an entrepreneur, working from home, seeing my kid growing before my eyes each day. Everything comes or happens at the right time.

What more could I have asked for?

So what makes your prayers answered?

Faith. Not just at times of need but also when you DON’T NEED. Doing prayers only when you need something, is a selfish way of going ahead.

Praying without any need is the key to nail it. This puts you in alignment with gratitude. Gratitude is the biggest multiplier in life. When the payers are soaked in pure gratitude, the blessings ooze out invariably.

Sometimes things turn out badly against you. You might feel stacked in one corner. Accepting it, rather than resisting it makes a big difference. There is a thin line between just accepting it and not doing anything to change and accepting it and working towards your goal.

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Remember ‘God helps those who help themselves’. This makes me recall a famous quote by Rev. Michael Beckwith, one of the most popular spiritual teachers today. He says God can do something for you, only through you. It implies to be ready for being a medium. The prayers build this medium in you.

Science has in various studies shown the positive results in medical conditions with enhanced healing, led by prayers.

The Science Daily reports that people who pray, find personalized comfort during hard times, according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison sociologist.

A study done in Seoul, South Korea brought astonishing results of healing via prayers. 219 consecutive infertile women, in the age group of 26-46 who were treated with IVF were the subject of this study. These women were randomized into 2 groups. One was the prayer group, women for whom prayers were done by groups in the US, Canada and Australia. The other was the control group whose participants did not receive any prayer.

 The interesting fact is that the patients and their families were not aware of the prayer study. The results showed that the women who had been prayed for had nearly twice as high a pregnancy rate as those who had not been prayed for. Furthermore, the women who had been prayed for showed a higher implantation rate than those who had not been prayed for. Finally, the benefits of prayer were independent of clinical or laboratory providers and clinical variables. Thus, this study showed that distant prayer facilitates implantation and pregnancy.

On the personal front, prayers have accelerated self-growth for me. The best of ideas would strike me when I am in my prayers.

I began praying in my teenage, something that I imbibed from my religious parents. After few years, religion took a back seat and the gates of spirituality opened for me. It gave me the strength to listen and pay heed to my heart. I relate more to one’s soul than one’s status or possessions. I discovered my purpose through my spiritual leanings and now I want to help others in doing it.  

If I were to sum it up, the prayers do, that nothing else can do for you. How?

We all pass through rough times and I have also been through difficult patches in my life, many times. Thanks to my prayers, the difficulties and problems could never shake me emotionally. I stood firm on my ground knowing, this too shall pass one day.  

The grit and resolve are just a bonus, I feel relieved from stress when I pray. Prayers elicit humility and forgiveness. It builds the foundation of strength and hope that everything is going to be fine. If you truly believe in it, it does work out in the end. I can vouch for it.

Prayers are a shield against being overwhelmed. The veil of positivity, keeps your ship afloat.


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