Heart Is Home For Real Intelligence

We all know and associate intelligence with the brain. The brain runs the body and we are nothing without our brains is the common thought among people.

But do you know there is something more intelligent and stimulating, that works more than the brain. It keeps you alive and nourished, happiness emanates here and love flows from it. Its determines how you FEEL.

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You guessed it right, it’s the HEART.

Scientific research says there is a brain in the heart which has an intelligence of its own. It shows that heart can work independent of the brain. The intelligence emanating out of the heart is far superior than the intelligence of the brain in the head.

How does the heart trump over the brain?

To put it simply, your heart comes into shape much before your physical body takes full shape. In mother’s womb, a beating heart gets formed first in 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, before the brain or the other organs of human body.

 Why Heart Matters For Intelligence

“According to research, success in life depends more on an individual’s ability to effectively manage emotions than on the intellectual ability of the brain in the head”, says Doc Childre, founder of the HeartMath Institute which had been conducting research into heart intelligence.

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This is because the brain can figure out the reasoning, logic and calculations in our life but sometimes there are things that are beyond perception. We do all the due diligence and yet can’t figure out many times, why something doesn’t work.

This is where the heart takes CenterStage.

You might have heard people say “follow your heart and you would never go wrong”.

Listening to your heart might seem illogical in the beginning but at the end it proves to be worth it.

There would be several instances where you would be stretched far between your mind and heart. Battling tough time to choose between the two.

I can say from personal experience that when we choose the heart, it never lets you down. I quit my well-paid and secured job of a news anchor at NDTV, for being an entrepreneur as my heart was pulling me out of there. In the midst of the pandemic when scores of people were getting laid off, I quit on my own. I believe in doing things with all my heart. Now I am giving it all in my new avatar, having founded my own company, meeting and working with so many new people. I am doing what matters to me and gives me highest satisfaction. Emotional intelligence wins hands down!

How To Tap Emotional Intelligence

We can get something we want, only if we work in that direction.

Same holds true, for this unique intelligence. It is very easy to get access to it, the condition is one needs to be conscious and aware of one’s thoughts and actions.

You can tap this emotional intelligence when the heart is healthy. That means  not just the physical health but the emotional health too.

For this, let’s understand the qualities of the heart. Love, care, compassion, kindness and gratitude are the emotions that makes one’s heart swell. When we are showing or feeling these heartful emotions, we are happy, positive and full of life.

On the contrary when we are filled with hate, envy, anger, ego and greed in our hearts we contract or go in reverse gear than moving up, losing touch with this emotional intelligence.

The best way to tap this emotional intelligence is by being in realm of the heartful or regenerative emotions as much as possible. Simply put, it means showing and feeling the emotions of love, care, compassion and kindness with yourself and others as much as possible.

It is easier said than done as in the race of life, most of the times we lose touch with these emotions. Some of you may say it is too saintly and something impossible in the world of cut-throat competition.

But being kind, loving or caring is not just about being nice to others. It is about being good to yourself first. When people get angry and lose temper, the greatest harm is to the person venting out his anger and hate than the other person receiving it. The person holding intolerance and hate gets affected the most as the heart is filled with negativity.

Heart Produces Feel Good Hormones

Research has scientifically proven that the heart also produces neurotransmitter Oxytocin which is a social bonding hormone related with love. Usually this neurotransmitter has been thought to be secreted in the brain. The remarkable part is that the Oxytocin produced in heart is in the same range as in the brain.

The biggest advantage of being heartful is that it deflates stress very easily. Stress is the culprit behind most of our health issues. and cherish it. Everything we dislike is far away from the heart.

Do you know being heartful or heart-led, has multiple benefits. It is good for your health. When we enjoy something with our heart, happiness is a natural by-product. It not only aids success and promotes good health but it contributes to productivity, vitality and a quality life.

It helps one wade through the difficult times with resilience and brightens your chances of success as you look at the bigger picture in life. When you operate with a feeling of being heartful, most challenges pass off without shaking your ground.

Doing things with your heart and not just for the sake of it, brings numerous rewards. Remember we are all born out of love. It all begins and ends with the heart.


Lets keep spreading love. It will be great if you share it with your loved ones. Thank you for reading this blog. Do share your feedback and comments here. Keep reading this page for enriching content.


From the HeartMath Institute known for doing pioneering research in the field of heart intelligence.