How To Survive in Hard Times

This is the story of the Ice Age when all species were involved in a fight for survival. Porcupines too were struggling for survival in thundering cold. They were fighting a losing battle. They decided to huddle together to generate warmth from close contact but it proven to be a bane than boon.z Known for..

Multitasking is doing no good

I wish I had more time. 24 hours are way too less it seems. I have always been proud of being a multi-tasker. A superwoman, some would say. But deep inside, there was always this exasperation of running from pillar to post. I was meeting deadlines and ticking the tasks off my internal check-list. After..

Vent-Out. You Owe It To Yourself

I had a friend who was having a tough time in her marital life. She and her partner were poles apart, often leading to heated arguments and fights. My friend was emotionally broken and was hitting herself in anger. I offered to listen to her, without a piece of any advice. I was just there..

Biggest Bane In Relationships: Being Judgemental

A flower blooms when the inner and outer environment is friendly. Too much of what’s undesirable would affect its growth. Same goes with humans. I was recently coaching a participant at our Reboot workshop, who initially resisted opening up about his pain point. My work would have been unaccomplished if I hadn’t gone to the..

You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup

Compassion for others has always been a key to beautiful relationships but have you ever turned the tap of compassion inwards? Self-Compassion is rarely talked or thought of, in today's fast paced world. Why does compassion towards yourself matters? It does. It makes a difference in the quality of your life. It is about doing..

Invest In Prayers To Harvest The Gold

There is NOTHING that I have wished for, and have not realised in life. You might be wondering REALLY! What is the secret? One word describes it all. PRAYERS. Soothing, easing, uplifting, empowering and taken care of. This is what prayers mean to me. My day is incomplete without prayers. Since? More than 25 years...

What Is Hurting Your Real Growth

Survival of the best and the fittest! With everyone aiming to get better than others in pursuit of success, are we getting or chasing the growth that each of us desires? I’m sure the answer is NOT REALLY . Do you know the reason? We are working at cross purposes. The world of cut throat..

Life Dil Se ! Healthy Cooking

#OLD SCHOOL COOKING # HEALTHY FOOD Cooking is at the heart of eating well. Health comes not only from what you eat, but also how you cook your food. It is all about cooking right style. Old-school cooking is making a huge comeback with Iron kadhais, earthen pots and copper jugs to name the popular..

Life Lessons from Corona

When we don’t do what we should be doing, we are sometimes forced to do it by nature. This Pandemic has shaken the world to do the same for us. The nature reclaimed its space and authority by shutting everything out through the initial phases of the pandemic. Enforcement of lockdown led to an eerie..

Life Dil Se! Power Nap

#RECHARGE # BETTER LIVING. Napping in afternoon is something not taken kindly in work culture. But it can be a game changer if done righty for a short duration. It can recharge your batteries for the rest of your day leaving you refreshed and de-stressed. Why is it also good for your health, find out..

Life Dil Se ! Reinvention

#Meditation #REINVENTION Meditation is the doorway to a fulsome life. It gives the answer and direction to just anything you want. It is all the more important in today's time with so many distractions, stress, anxiety and negativity in general. If you want more out of life, go inwards. For more on meditation and reinvention..

Unearth The Wisdom Beneath Your Ground

Ever wondered why the langar at Sikh gurudwaras are always served while sitting cross-legged? Why the Hindus perform their wedding ceremonies in a mandap on ground, why lakhs of Indians create artwork called kolams or rangolis daily in the morning outside their main doors or why we do bhoomi-pujan or worship the earth before starting..

Why Snooze Is Bad For You

Do you love snoozing your morning alarm to steal that extra dose of sleep? Does it often leave you racing against time in finishing your morning chores before making it to work!! If YES, then you are doing something that is not only harmful for your personal health but also spoiling your entire day. You might be wondering how could an innocuous habit of stealing few minutes..

A Big Thank You For Our First Milestone

Hi. This is a special moment for Lets Figure Out Life Team.  I want to start by saying a big and warm thank you to you all for making reach its first milestone of getting over 1000 readers in less than 14 days. This would not have been possible without your support. I have got some..

How Yawning Can Work Wonders!

How often have you tried to stifle or bother about your yawn? It is normally seen to be associated with boredom, lethargy and tiredness. If I were to tell you that it is a fabulous thing for you, it may sound strange. Yawning can elevate your mood, decrease your stress, shoot up your concentration and..