How To Make Universe Work For You

Photo by Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

Life would be a song if you didn’t feel insecure about anything around you! Whether it’s your job, your relationships, your wealth, the kids, your future or just about anything under the sun.If you could be reassured that everything around is taken care of and no one can jeopardise what is rightfully yours, then there is no need to stress.

You might be wondering how is this possible?

It is possible. I have figured it out for myself. You can do it too.

I will peel it off layer by layer but first a gem by a genius.

“The first and most basic question all people must answer for themselves is ‘Is the Universe a friendly place?’ I think it is the most important question facing humanity”


Einstein, one of the most famous scientists of all time gave the key to life in this statement.

What does it mean and how you can adopt it in your life?

First, how often do you worry about what is going to happen next? You would agree that most of us feel the need to control, direct and sequence the events, with an approach that we will miss out what belongs to us or we would not be dealt fairly by the world if we don’t aggressively seek it.

Universe Has All The Answers You Need

“Mankind has been thinking that his intellect and understanding is greater than the spiritual power, depending on the technologically advanced tools. Then why do we have so many problems, issues or conflicts. We are using the wrong tools and looking at the wrong places. We seek answers outside of us while they are all inside of us”, says best-selling author, Richard Dotts in his book “Let the Universe lead you”.

 Thinking and believing that everything is for you and nothing is against you, is key to this concept. This means that everything has a purpose even if it seems undesirable at the outset.

 The larger scheme of things has everything  fitting well in your life. We realise it much later.

I have done it, stopped worrying and trusted the wisdom of the higher force or the Universe. Things and events have been so smooth and easy that I could not even think of it that this could also happen. In a way, things unfolded in a way, outside the realm of my imagination, taking me by pleasant surprise each time.

It comes with rock solid faith in the idea of the higher force that runs the scheme of things in this big fat world.

The best part is that saves you from the dominating stress that is weighing heavy on one’s mind. You don’t get stressed about how will you get what you want, you trust that it will come.

You Get What You Deserve

The Universe gives you what you need at every time not what you desire. This means that things may not always turn out the way you desired but whatever it turns out to be is in your best interest.

Even if it causes some resentment, there is always a reason behind it. We may not understand it then and there, but it makes perfect sense later. I am sure many of you must have also experienced it in your lives at some point in time.

The bonus of trusting the universe, is that the undesirable feelings of insecurity, stress and fear get released. Stress is often the primary factor behind 70 % of the hospital visits. It impairs the healthy functioning of the brain and body in long term. Getting rid of stress is the biggest need of our times and the idea of a benevolent Universe just does that.

It means letting go of the ego, which seeks control and dominance over everything.  I agree this thought process of letting go of the control, needs a huge leap of faith. There would be numerous thoughts of doubting the outcome. You may question what is the proof that it works?

 The proof is all around only if one in ready to open up the eyes to nature. Just look and observe how nature is always replenishing itself. It never stops regenerating, everything is unlimited whether it is the trees, flowers, water air or animals. There is never a scarcity of sunlight, never have we worried whether it would be rain during the monsoon (it may be less or heavy but IT WILL), whether monsoon will lead to autumn season, and then to winter finally to spring and back to summers.

This is all done at its time beautifully by nature. We are a part of nature. The same rhythm and transition can happen in our lives if we are ready to allow.

Coming back to the questions popping in your mind, would you have no say in what you want and desire in your life and leave everything to the Universe and relax. The answer is NO.

You Have To Choose First

The Universe will not decide what’s right or wrong for you. You have to make that choice. Richard Dotts in his book ‘Let the Universe lead you’ says “You have to decide first, the Universe will not choose for you because if it does it means taking the power of creation away from you.” Once that is done, leave how it will be done to the higher wisdom.

It is very important to understand the fundamental law of attraction. “You receive what you radiate”. If you are radiating the frequency of trust in the Universe, then it will be given back. You would not feel cheated or being taken for a ride. The only condition is to silence the mental chatter that constantly doubts and mistrusts people, looking with suspicion.

Some people become lazy, thinking Universe will work for them and they need not do anything. It will lead to zero results as you have to work to create what you want. The Universe will nudge you in the right direction subtly but of you are being inactive, one is radiating a frequency of being inactive, attracting inactivity or nil action in your manifestation.

The magic does happen when you are no more fixated by it, but assured that it will be done but doing the most natural thing for that purpose.

Figuring out the best way how Universe works, is a boon for each one of us.

 There is so much joy in letting go off the control and living in harmony with the Universe that I changed my entire way of living.

 It brought about the boldest and a remarkable shift in my career where I love what I do and do what I love. I am truly overwhelmed by the kind of unexpected support and help I am receiving from people, in my new venture and this for me is the biggest proof that the Universe is friendly.

 Dialogue With The Universe

The Universe speaks to us all the time. We can hear it only when we are ready to pay attention. It nudges us through what we read, experience, feel and encounter in our daily lives. It gives us the signs and symbols, the tools and pathways if we are awake to it.

“God/Universe reminds us that his first tool, is the voice within you. This is the loudest form of dialogue by the Universe as it is most accessible. It is the voice which tells you if something is right or wrong, true or false, good or bad as you have defined it. It is the radar that sets the course, steers the ship, guides the journey if you but let it”, says one of the most read authors on the planet, Neale Donald Walsch in his book “The Wisdom of the Universe”. In conclusion, I will wrap this blog with my personal experience. Since I began trusting the Universe my life has become very liberating, I am letting myself go of the control and enjoy life as it comes. And take my word, life does become beautiful and enriching on doing so. If it can for me, it can for you too.