How To Own Your Time

Photo by Nathan-Dumlao on unsplash

I am writing this blog after a gap of many weeks. I was just not getting time from my schedule to put down my thoughts. There was a deep craving to come back to blogging though. Finally, I realised, if I don’t plan my time for blogging, something else will keep eating into my time always!! There will always be something popping up every day. It’s like if you don’t plan your time, someone else will do so for you. Leading to? Running after it. To catch up with time.

But what if I could decide the quantity of my time for all that’s on my mind. What does it take to do this?


We are all aware of what is right and what is wrong but how many of us always pick the right? Not always, you would say. It means we are easily distracted.

Distractions Are Perennial

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

Blame it on technology, social media, outburst of information happening at all ends, too many demands and pressures to put it crisply. BUT, distraction has always been there irrespective of technology or any other pressures.

“2,500 years before the internet, Plato, the Greek philosopher, talked about ‘akrasia’, which means the tendency to do things against our better interest. Plato was getting distracted 2,500 years before these modern technologies!”, says Nir Eyal, author of the best-selling book, Indistractable.

Distraction is higher these days, as the media companies are bombarding us with all kinds of stuff to catch our eyeballs. After all, they thrive on our attention.

Where Is Your Attention ?

It’s is an attention game that makes all the difference. If you want to stop something. Stop feeding it with your attention. How much attention is your social media getting from you? It could be hours. Ask yourself, if this time is justified? If yes, no problem. Keep going.

If it’s not, it’s part of the problem. We are giving away our precious time for something that’s not productive or taking us forward. Its just engaging in the web of information. Remember, there is no limit to how much you can consume.

I may be fond of fried food, it may weak me go weak in my knees but I know its not good for my health beyond a certain limit. Same goes to my online consumption. Think about it. How can I regulate my consumption? My self-awareness and consciousness.

What Can You Do To Hack Your Precious Time Back

Time-blocking. And sticking to it. It calls for lot of commitment. Let me tell you how it affects you, from my personal experience. Time blocking ensures I never compromise for what matters most to me. My early morning hours are meant for personal growth, deep work which builds and invest in the foundation of who I want to be.

When I decide that I have to do something and write it down or block it on my calender, distractions clear up, making space for what’s important. I decide my day, I own my time. Each one of us have the same time with us. 24 hours only.

Some people are high-achievers, not because of their talent or luck but because they master the game of using their time to the best of their advantage. It is a craft to use these 24 hrs to make it work best for you.


Translating dreams into reality is possible, if you have a plan for it. It begins with your time. Be Clear, On What You Want

Prioritise what matters most. It could be your health, family, relationships, finances or whatever. Only you can decide what you want.

Analyse how, much time are you giving to these areas. Are you working towards it or just day-dreaming that things will be fine one day?

Nothing moves on its own. You have to make it work. Intention is the stepping stone. Implementation is next. Between the two, you have to tread a mountain of discipline and will-power.

Everything can have a designated time. Even you should have some me time. It is so important to have time for unwinding. Slot it. This is the trick to manage your time effectively.

Time is the most precious commodity. Use it well to make sure you get what you want.

If you don’t plan who you want to be and what you want in life, you can not realise your goals. You can’t realise your real potential.

Reclaim your TIME. Reclaim your LIFE. From the distractions around.