Vent-Out. You Owe It To Yourself

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I had a friend who was having a tough time in her marital life. She and her partner were poles apart, often leading to heated arguments and fights. My friend was emotionally broken and was hitting herself in anger. I offered to listen to her, without a piece of any advice. I was just there to give emotional support minus any judgement.

It made a difference to her life. She got the strength to regain her sense of self-worth over a period of one year and was a different person in many ways after two years.

I did not do much. I just offered to hear her out. Gave her the space to vent-out, for her to be her real self.

Most of us have feelings pent up deep inside which we don’t express with people around us for one simple reason. JUDGEMENT

No one wants to be judged. I hate it too.

A sense of ego keeps us from expressing our real self.  Its like filling the rocks in your inner jar. You don’t even realise when it starts overflowing.  This often leads to stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction and a sense of scattered self which keeps nagging inside our soul.  

In lieu of protecting our social image, we keep harming our emotional health. Doing this for a long period, may also lead to serious issues with mental wellness.

Why Emotional Support Matters ?

India is the most depressed country in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, every fifth Indian or 20 percent of the Indian population is going to face a mental wellness issues by the end of 2021.

According to data, more than 40 percent of the Corporate workforce in India is suffering from anxiety and depression.

Indians by nature, love to talk but are hesitant to be liberal enough and talk out their feelings.

It is not Ok to say I AM NOT OK. I need help.

Showing vulnerabilities opens the gateway of compassion. Seeing someone feel low or cry evokes humanity in us. It helps forge meaningful connections.


I have seen it firsthand while conducting a happiness workshop, how expressing one’s vulnerabilities cements bonds beyond blood, caste, community and colour. We realise our oneness.

Robust mental and emotional health is all the more important in today’s trying times of the pandemic.

Emotional and mental wellness has a direct bearing on our physical health. An upset, depressed mind leads to turmoil in the gut, which can lead to a host of physical issues overtime. Not being active enough to take care of your body as you don’t feel like doing it, takes a toll on overall wellness.

Research has proven that when you give voice to your feelings, it decreases the intensity of pain, anger and stress inside you.

In other words, expressing your heart out, venting out is one of the healthiest ways of ensuring your emotional health.

When we give labels to what we feel and express it out, it lessens the load on one’s heart.

How To Unload The Emotional Baggage

 Means of Expression

Talk To A Confidante

Find people who are compassionate and sensitive enough to listen to you. This could be people who love you, have affection towards you or respect you to just be an active listener. You will feel lighter from inside.

Write It Down

If you can’t find anyone to vent out with, let your emotions run on paper or a keyboard. Write like you are sharing with someone. Make the paper your listener and you will feel relieved. Writing daily dairy is deeply therapeutic. You can pour out your deepest feelings in the privacy of your home.

Find Online Support

This is something a lot of you may not be comfortable with, as you read it.

I have co-founded a social network, Justbaat with this aim. One can go anonymous by choice on this platform and vent out the feelings. It aids emotional and mental wellness. Being a part of such a support network helps nourish your well-being.

The world may be more connected than ever before, but we are lonelier than ever earlier. The pandemic has exacerbated the scenario.

 People are craving for real connections, where one can pour one’s heart out. We may not be able to hold each other’s hands, but we can pick up a call and talk or listen to a friend in need. That is the least we can do from the safe confines of our four walls.

Mental illness has become a pandemic. It is the need of the hour.