Multitasking is doing no good

I wish I had more time. 24 hours are way too less it seems. I have always been proud of being a multi-tasker. A superwoman, some would say. But deep inside, there was always this exasperation of running from pillar to post. I was meeting deadlines and ticking the tasks off my internal check-list.

After years of attempting to ace it, all I was getting in return was mental and physical fatigue.

Managing and micro managing things at home with regular office, cooking and doing chores like daily supplies were taking a toll. It was like being on a treadmill always.

Being in a pressure cooker situation always takes a toll on one’s emotional health too.

I slowed down eventually. Nature forced me to.

Today, I have given up the need to micro manage everything. Today, I don’t multitask. I schedule time for each activity I want to undertake. 

Multitasking is exhaustive and reduces productivity.

Science has confirmed that our brains are not designed to multi-task. What we do in the name of multi-tasking is switching our attention from one task to another. It’s like playing different roles in a play singularly.

Why Should You Not Multitask?

You were not born to be jack of all trades. Owning the responsibility for each and everything does not make you smart. It makes you overloaded.

This does not mean that one should shirk away from ones responsibilities but it means doing one thing at a time.

Focussing on one thing at a given time is the key to be productive. Checking your phone every minute, writing something to someone on social media has made most of us addictive to technology.

We can actually do more by sorting out what’s important at any given point in time. It ensures better quality and concentration.

Multi-tasking Is Stealing The Joys Of Life

People in the midst of ticking off tasks off their to-do lists are becoming more robotic than ever. We are in the mode of switching from one task to another to do as much as possible. This is stealing the joy of laughing together. The space to do nothing, be nothing and slow down is almost vanishing.

The busier you are with multitasking , the lesser time you have for relaxing and enjoying a good time with your loved ones.


Prioritise What Matters When

Putting everything at the same priority level, is the culprit behind the monster of multitasking. Everything cannot be equally important at any given point in time. For example, when it’s time for me to meditate and write my daily journal I avoid looking at my phone at that time. I know the moment I look upto it, I will be drawn into answering people on social media and a dozen mails to reply to.

Photo by the Creative Exchange on Unsplash

It is not important to check your phone while eating. You wont eat again and again after 30 mins but you will do so with your phone. That means eating is a bigger priority. It is fuel to your body. The way you eat decides the way its digested and ultimately the physical health is dependent upon it. Stuffing food or gobbling up without chewing properly in the haste of checking your phone feed is hazardous for your health.

Lets declutter our lives and stop multi-tasking. There will always be something important somewhere. With an information explosion happening all around us, it’s easy to get distracted. It is easy to be difficult and difficult to be simple.