How To Reinvent And Discover A New YOU

If there is one thing that is constant in everyone’s life it is CHANGE. There are many people amongst us who have a deep desire to change and can’t figure out how to do it.

I too struggled with the strong urge to change before reinventing myself. There was a sense of dissatisfaction brimming inside, and I did not know how to deal with it.

Why Should One Reinvent

Before I unravel what made me take the leap in building this platform and the reason behind it, I must share a hard-hitting fact that a whopping 85 % people are unhappy in their jobs across the world according to a prestigious survey done less than 2 years back.

It is the finding of the global poll conducted by Gallup, a survey giant in the US. Only 15% people are deriving the satisfaction and engagement at work. How can you grow and deliver your best if you are not happy doing what you do?

This is all the more important in today’s world as massive number of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and they are staring at uncertainty. In this case, reinvention is all the more the need of the hour.

Why Some People Thrive And Flourish In Their Work

There is a miniscule percent of people loving and thriving in what they do. You can call them the lucky ones but they are the ones who have identified their natural strengths, gifts and talents to harness a growing and satisfactory career out of it. For them work is joy and they love what they do.

I did news anchoring for 18 years because I totally loved and enjoyed it. You can too be in this exclusive class if you work on yourself. Now this may sound a very vague statement but it is not.

When I figured out that I need to reinvent to find a better path for growth, I did not know what I might land up with. There was no set formula or practice that I looked up to change my life.. But the fact is my life did change. Change for good and I m glad that I did what I did, to reach here. I was fired by a deep desire to change.

What Clicked For Me And Can Work For You Too

I needed to make a start and it came in January 2019. Had a deep quest to take charge of my life. Not just my career but all aspects of my physical, mental and emotional well-being. I did not want to be helpless but anchor and steer my life the way I wished.

I was online consuming a lot of resources on self-empowerment and personal growth. From global leadership Guru Robin Sharma, neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza to Michael Beckwith and so many great masters, whom I read,  all emphasise that things can change on the outside if you change inside.

 “If you are not where you want to be, do not quit, instead reinvent yourself and change your habits.”


One of the mediums of changing inside is Meditation. Now let me share with you that due to my spiritual leanings, I had heard a lot about meditation but never tried it before. I always shrugged it aside, thinking I am too busy for it. But the reality is busier you are, more is the need for you to meditate. Reasons are listed below.

How Did Meditation Change my Life?

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

Meditation is the catalyst which changed the way I look at myself, my beliefs, my vision and of course my worldview. Let’s figure out why meditation can be a game changer for you. Each and every word is borne out of my personal experience.

  • It increases productivity: Yes, the tighter your schedule is, more you should focus on doing meditation to extract the most out of your day. It recharges you to approach each day with renewed vigour.
  • Meditation relieves stress: Stress is a global problem. Experts have said 75 to 90% of visits to doctors have a stress factor behind it. Meditation offers an excellent way to deal with the stress. It will automatically subside as you will feel more in control of your lives.
  • The body gets relaxed deeply. Meditation provides deeper rest than sleep to the body.”20 minutes of meditation can equal to eight hours of good sleep”, says spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.
  • Meditation is like shower to your mind: Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation says “ You don’t go out of your home without taking a shower, don’t go out without meditating each day as it’s a shower for your mind”. Our emotional conditioning carries a lot of stress not only from our day to day life but from our past. It is believed that stress also gets passed on from one generation to another based on the belief systems. Meditation cleanses that for a healthier version of you.
  • It improves physical health: The body responds more optimally to internal processes and functions when you are relaxed. Research shows meditation increases the activity of telomerase enzyme that builds and lengthens telomeres. Longer telomeres are linked with stronger immunity and healthier ageing. Shorter telomeres are associated with the chronic illnesses. I can say from experience that many of my nagging health issues from an eruption on my eyelid which persisted for months to pain in my left knee and so many small pains and aches have been healed automatically through meditation.
  • It builds resilience: Nothing can affect your inner sense of peace if you meditate daily. You are better equipped to deal with the problems. One would not get swayed by the enormity of the issue at hand but think better.

 Most of the times the problem spins out of control not by the enormity of its nature but because of our immediate reaction to it as we get overwhelmed. I can give a personal example. I had a tough encounter with my boss last year, who said a few harsh words to me one day . I thought he was being very mean and rude. I listened to him, without batting an eyelid and came out very calm and composed. Not happy of course as no one wants to hear what I did.

 Had it not been my meditation I could have resigned the very moment or gone to someone higher up to complain. But I didn’t let it affect me the way it would have, had I not made myself strong from inside. Meditation builds up the shield that bullet proofs you and protects and weathers against all the outer storms.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash
  • Develop sensitivity and empathy towards others: You see yourself in a larger picture. Identify with others compassionately. One learns to open up your heart to others to connect and empathise. Meditation enlarges your sensitivity where you do not remain self-centred. It softens the ego to smoothen your relationships.
  • Meditation increases creativity and imagination: Meditation activates both the left and right part of the brain. The left is about materialistic needs while the right rules over creativity, emotions and intuition. When both are in sync you get the best of both the worlds. You would be more aware of your gifts. generous and resonating with what you love doing.
  • Better relationship with yourself: This is very important as the biggest relationship we have is with ourselves. The more you know yourself deep down, more you can achieve on the outside. This revelation brought a sea change in me. I understood what is undesirable for me, what do I really need and what I need to get rid of. Meditation kind of opens up your inner eye to gauge and direct you on the path meant for you. Otherwise most of us are living a routine rat race with no time to think, pause and introspect.

“Meditation is a song that will heal your body and heart, lift your mind and soul, give wings to your potential ”


I can go on and on …as the list is almost endless.  You would be astonished to know that according to global surveys, roughly 20 to 50 crore people practice meditation in today’s world. Some elite performers across the globe do it first thing in the morning.  

But a not so rosy fact is India is home to meditation, a tradition that originated 6000 years ago here. It is not thriving here the way as it is, in some other parts of the world. People are now talking about it, embracing and benefiting from it globally. In US more than 52% employers were offering meditation to their employees for their well being in 2018.

Meditation Is Not About Religion                                                 

 A lot of people are sceptical of diving into meditation, viewing it from the prism of spirituality but it is totally possible and easy to de-link the two. Meditation need not have any element of God or religion. It is purely a means for better health, awareness and well-being.

So if you think it is time to figure out what you should be doing. Meditate. It will pave the way for your growth. The path is different for each one of us. Because each one of us is different. Meditation brings out the best in you, helping you make the right decisions through better control over your senses

Realise Your Gifts And Talents

 There are crores of people who cannot even count what they are good at. It is not that they are gifted enough but they have simply not realised their strengths and passion in life.

 We all have interests, likes, love and passion for different things and activities. But we often consider these separate from our work. We classify them as interests, hobbies or amateur activity. We have been conditioned by the parents, peers and society about landing a secured, well-meaning job. As if it is a race where each one of us have to tick off the box of settling down and not think out of the box.

I began thinking out of box after meditation opened the doors of inner transformation. It is easy, effortless but needs one thing for sure. DISCIPLINE. One needs to be very regular with the meditation practice. It pays and I felt a difference in few days. I was calmer, more in control and happier than before apart from all that is listed above.

  Manifestation Of Change

The first step towards my reinvention came in the form of clarity. I became very clear in my approach and realised that I can not be dragging myself in something that is not giving me the desired value.  I have to realise my worth and put it to best use else I won’t be doing justice with my gifts and talents.

I decided to take a plunge with writing as it comes naturally to me.  I figured out my soul-print, something that resonates with me in each and every work I take up. It called for empowering action. I wasn’t empowering myself or others in what I was doing. It clearly meant that I had to leave what I once loved, an 18-year-old career in news anchoring and turn a new leaf.

So this is how I landed up here! I am loving this reinvention.

 Hope that this blog makes a difference, inspires and empowers you too

 “There’s nothing more addictive or incredible in life than reinventing yourself and allow yourself to be different every day.”


Thank you for reading this long. I would appreciate your feedback. If you have any queries, do drop in and I will be happy to answer. Keep reading for content that matters.