World Looks At You The Way You Look At The Mirror

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A friend quit a well-paid, secured job in a big PSU, because the company transferred him out of a metro to a remote project, with no chance of coming back to city life. Separation from his family and loved ones for a long time, living a dull and uninspiring life in a remote part of the country wasn’t his cup of tea.

The company was following a policy, without recognising who fits better where.

This person wasn’t ready to accept it and opted for another job, leaving a PSU, something that is not really very common in India. Once you join a PSU, you only quit on retirement in most cases.  

What drove him to do so?

His self-worth.

If you don’t value yourself, the world will not. It all begins with you.

Anytime, there is a friction which pulls one apart in personal or professional life, it makes sense to weigh the decision on the scale of self-worth.

Self-Worth Opens The Gateway To Growth

Even it is worth a million dollars, but is compromising your self-worth, it can never be a win-win. Materialistic or worldly growth at the cost of one’s self-esteem is a very expensive proposition.

I left my well-paid, amazing and glamorous job of a news anchor on national television, as I was feeling that I am not doing justice with myself.

Who is responsible for my growth? When my growth got stuck for 4 years in succession, I called it quits. I wasn’t ready to compromise on my self-worth and work in an environment where I wasn’t getting the desired growth.

If I am not ready to take risk and explore opportunities of growth, nothing will change. This is what drove me to the biggest adventure of my life, pulling myself out of comfort zone in an unknown territory.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

What matters is HOW YOU FEEL!

Do you feel happy doing what you do or are you dragging yourself for the sake of it ?

 The law of attraction works on a similar premise. You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you feel. It’s the state of your being that determines what one receives in one’s life. One can not feel pathetic and expect miracles to show up in life. One needs to be optimistic and attract the right event, person and circumstance in one’s life. Its totally possible, and it all depends on where you want to be and how committed you are for it.

Self-Worth Holds The Key To Life

From health, peace of mind, relationships , reputation, abundance to just anything you desire, it all begins from do you really believe and feel that you deserve it?

If you do think, desire and feel for it, you will not be cooling your boots, you will be in action for whatever it takes to get it. Lets talk about self-care, which often gets compromised in a busy life.

Self- Worth is a jig-saw puzzle. If you fix the central piece of self- worth, everything else starts falling in place.


Not taking good care of yourself, is another example of inadequate self-worth. This reflects most often in giving the desired attention to what are we eating, how are we eating and when are we eating?

It is also about how one takes care of one’s health. If you don’t consider your body to be important enough to be given attention, by working out in any form of physical exercise, you can not grow optimally.

Relationships are another facet of how you look at yourself. Your relationship with your own self reflects in the major relationships in your life. Discord in the marital relationships is also a manifestation of inadequate self-worth.

I have seen people dragging themselves out in marriages for years and decades, being unhappy and feeling miserable with each other. If we view ourself valuable enough, then we will not be putting ourselves to bear toxic relationships. I know it’s easier said than done, but a life is too precious to be spent away whining.

When you say you can’t get something you deeply want, you admit your inability and the Universe complies with it. You hardly get it, as you have already surrendered your power. (For more on how to get the Universe to work for you, do check out my earlier blog on this)

Life can be as beautiful and amazing as you want, the only condition is do you deem yourself worth of it?