What Can Help You Reverse Aging

Age is just a number. What if you could reverse the tide of aging? Let’s admit looking young is on the wish list of most people. Something that most people struggle to figure out. It is not difficult, believe me.

Richha Jain Kalra

Time will keep ticking, adding numbers to your age but how you tick with time is what matters.


Being young is not about colouring your hair or that slim waistline.

Aging is undoubtedly a natural process. But how you take it makes all the difference. It is about feeling young. It is about rejoicing in your real age yet having youthful vibes that leave people wondering about your secret of being young.

How To Crack The Code Of Being Young

Goals turn into blood and flesh only with a firing will power, deep commitment and tons of discipline.

Aging starts in your brain: You can keep yourself forever young if you refuse to give up your youth. There is a powerhouse inside human mind which can translate any goal into reality with sustained action and focus. If you set your eyes on keeping young there is nothing that can age you in a traditional sense. So stop feeding your mind with all the negativities associated with growing old. Keep reminding and affirming deep within about your desire to stay young.  

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Its visible in your reflexes : You can only remain young if you FEEL young. Every desire starts taking shape with a feeling. You can not FEEL young unless you feel agile. Agility is a by-product of great fitness. With age, the reflexes begin to slow down but maintaining agility and fitness is in our hands. . When you work out in any way, your body releases oxytocin, a neurochemical, a feel good hormone that lifts up the emotional status. The better you feel, the better your body responds to aging.

Your only companion throughout this life is your body.Ignore your body, and you have lost the key to looking young.


Watch what you consume : You are what you eat. Nourishing the body with a healthy diet full of nourishing food is the need for keeping young. Eating packaged, highly processed and sugar filled food harms the body. The more natural, raw, fresh foods one eats the better the immunity and better the response against aging.

Comparison kills joy: Take joy in your being and don’t fall for comparisons. Comparisons kill joy. There will always be somebody better, someone more beautiful, smarter, more attractive and wealthier than you somewhere.

Love yourself: There can be no one ever like you.  Most people have forgotten themselves in the pursuit of running from pillar to post. Everything and all relationships are determined by our relationship with oneself.

The better you love and boost yourself, the better you grow with age.


It is the confidence and light you radiate that brings the glow. No matter how and what you may look like, whatever be the state of affairs at your end, never hate or pull down yourself.

Bust out Stress: Stress multiplies aging superfast. Stress is the biggest killer, being the sole reason behind majority of physical and emotional ailments. According to research chronic levels of stress speeds up premature aging by shortening DNA telomeres. A wide range of studies have shown that the stress due to several factors can speed-up the aging process by shortening the length of each DNA strand. So stress busting is a primary requisite to staying young.

 Positive thinking: This is a power punch that can knock off anything undesirable in your life. If aging is undesirable for you, positive thinking has the potential to reverse it. Always look at the brighter side of life as there is always something to be grateful for.

People often associate anti-aging with cosmetic treatments, colouring their white or grey strands, and wearing ill-suited clothes in the obsession of looking young.

This mindset is like chasing a mirage leaving people often obsessed with anti- aging procedures like Botox, face lifting and even surgeries to reduce fat. These processes may fade the wrinkles or lift up the skin but for how long?

Why not invest in yourself to reap long term dividends? This investment pays returns not only in youthful looks but also holistic development of the mind, body and soul.

I take pride with the number of years adding to my life as I am growing wiser with age. I understand myself and people better with my experience. Aging with grace has been my mantra where I make sure that I am doing everything I can to make and feel my body better in every sense.

There are hundreds of examples in public life who embody ageless living with dignity. Its not about them having more money or resources, its purely about intention, implementation and persistence.

I hope this blog has shed some light on how to stay young. Do leave your feedback and if you like the content do share it with others.