What Should Be Your No.1 Priority

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Who doesn’t want to be a better parent, a better life partner, a better co-worker or a better boss, a better entrepreneur or a better human being?

Being better is a priority though everybody has different priorities.

Who or what is your no 1 priority? Money, job or wealth creation? It could be parenting, home, your passion or just anything under the sun.

Where do you keep yourself on the priority list?

Your health, your personal growth, self-awareness, your likes, dislikes and time for your passion is what makes you, your priority.

But when it comes to the no 1 priority, most people often keep themselves at the back. This is where you lose the game.

One can not be a good partner, a good parent, a good teacher, employee or a good service provider if one doesn’t care for one’s personal growth. You have to grow to be better to play your roles well in every aspect of your life.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup!

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Self-love and being Selfish are different

Many people have this notion embedded deep in their psyches that keeping themselves at the top of their priority list is selfish. A lot many people too feel guilty if they pay more attention to themselves. 

Self-love does not mean you don’t love your near and dear ones enough. It means that you care for yourself enough to give the best version of you to those who matter to you, to your work, your job, so that people around are also inspired and elevated by your presence.


 “When you can love yourself, you can touch others just by being who you are”, Anita Moorjani, spiritual teacher

Most often people, give an excuse of not having enough time for themselves. It is a lame excuse for not caring enough for yourself.

The core of most our physical, mental and emotional issues stem from lack of self-love.

Health Issues Show Lack Of Self-Love

How much do you value something, that is expensive or has a lot emotion attached to it? You take good care of it!

Our bodies are invaluable, very precious, then why ignore it ? It is a gift, if not taken care of well, will slowly and steadily start losing strength and vigour. 

People who have health issues, or are fighting some sort of ailment are a living example of not doing enough for themselves. With all due respect, unhealthy people have not cared for themselves enough in the course of their day to day life, keeping other things and issues at the top of their priority.

People don’t realise that their bodies are the only and the real companion in their lives.

We live through our body. If the body is in bad shape, our future is set to be disappointing. There is no if or but in it. That is certain.

The rule of life is whatever we pay attention to magnifies and whatever we ignore diminishes. Ignoring one’s health certainly isn’t a good choice.

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

Healthy Relationship With Oneself

A lot of people don’t have healthy relationship with themselves. They don’t even realise the nature of their relationship with oneself which becomes the root of all issues surrounding them. Life is not what happens to us, its how we react to what happens to us, that shapes our life.

Often people dislike or even hate same part of their being, their personality, body for not being in consonance with the ideal or the best version.

“What is ideal may be perfect but an imperfect you is incomparable”

There can be no body like you look, sound or behave ever in this world. You are unique! Own this uniqueness to love yourself.


Comparisons are an antidote to joy. Stop comparing your looks, wealth and possessions with anyone else. There is just one comparison which is worth doing, with your older version so that you can weigh your growth.

Magnify your personal equity and worth by saying and affirming “I AM ENOUGH”. These are the magical words which can uplift your lives, says world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer.

This does not mean that one shall not work on one oneself, thinking I am good as I am. It simply means no matter what the physical or emotional situation one is in, love yourself.

Self-Love Gives Enormous Strength

Life is less of a smooth sail and more of a bumpy ride. One is often dislodged from being in charge by life’s googlies.

When you love and care for yourself the most, nothing adverse in your life can sway you off your feet. You wont be overwhelmed by the events and circumstances around you no matter how much anyone or anything turns negative. The power of self-love also gives courage to wade through difficult times as you won’t let yourself suffer. The inner strength will make you pick yourself up and get going again NO MATTER WHAT.

Hug yourself to pamper if there is no one to hug you

 I got introduced to this concept of self-hug years back when I attended a meditation class, organised at NDTV for its employees.

It means wrapping your hands around your arms to feel the surge of love.

Frankly, I didn’t take it too seriously after this class in 2016. It makes total sense to me now. Being on the path of personal growth, I realise the importance of self- love more than ever before.

I can say from personal experience that loving oneself is the best way to flourish in world. It opens channels of growth and abundance.

This self-love led me to explore my true purpose and this blog is an expression of serving my purpose.

Self-love fosters good parenting

Making yourself your no 1 priority, is good parenting. You can be a good parent only if you become a role model in taking care of yourself.

Parents are the first teachers. Kids always observe and implement. Their identity, beliefs, and priorities often take seed through observing their parents’ behaviour. You can only teach your kids what you genuinely practice.

 Raising kids with self-awareness is the biggest gift to the next generation.


Own Your Feelings

Doing things to fit in, to please others at the cost of inner peace and harmony is another way of dishonouring oneself. It is easier to flow but difficult to hold your ground.

The world honours those who value themselves. Compromising on one’s values and true nature is what keeps people, from realising their greatness.

Owning up one’s emotions, venting out the pain opens the channel for healing.

Be A Channel Of Change

Ever heard “God helps those who helps themselves”

There is a deeper meaning in it. God can do something for us, ONLY through us. For this to take place, one has to be open and aware to the fact that you are valuable. Your desires and demands are worthy of being met only if you actually think and believe that you deserve it.

Self-Love Determines Your Success

Most people aspire to be successful and respected but are not able to translate it into reality as they internally harbour doubts. They lack rock solid faith in themselves that they actually deserve it. Lack of faith in one’s abilities flows from lack of self- love.

 Doubting one’s capability to succeed is one of the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to greatness.

Feeling worthy is the essence of self- love. Worthy of love, respect, care, success and money.

Spend On Yourself

I have seen a lot of people, resist spending on themselves. They think its unnecessary. In other words, they don’t feel its worth spending on themselves. Ignoring one’s genuine needs for want of expenditure, radiates a vibration of lack.

 Law of Attraction says “You attract what you radiate”.

Radiating lack, is like shutting door to abundance as wealth flows from not what one wants but what one feels. The more worthy you feel and spend on yourself, the bigger vibration you are creating for abundance.

 It is like telling the Universe ‘yes, I deserve it and so am spending’. The moment one starts consistently spending with this attention, there is more flowing into their lives in unexpected ways.

 Feeling or emotion is the secret to the law of attraction that thrives on self-love.

Self-Love has A Multiplier Effect

Change is the only constant. Not paying enough attention to the need for changing and upgrading oneself, often leaves room for dissatisfaction and disharmony with oneself manifesting in several issues.

These issues affect not only you but your near and dear ones too ultimately. By taking good care of yourself, you are actually taking care of your relationships and your work too because you would improve not in just one but every dimension of life.

Love yourself like no one else. Even if you have never done it or not done enough, it’s never too late. You owe it yourself. Start it NOW.

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