How To Convert Rejection Into Success

Being rejected is like someone tearing you apart. Someone pulling the rug off your feet. It can be damaging, disappointing and demoralising. If one knows how to DEAL with it, one can get the best out of rejection.  Good News is that it can also be an opportunity to claim more respect and acclaim for..


Coorg in Karnataka , India came alive before my eyes as my mind wandered in the woods to know more about forest bathing. The one- hour nature walk that I did in 2016 is one of the most rejuvenating experiences of my life.  The rich fragrance of cardamom, coffee and a variety of towering trees..

Why I Quit News? I Loved It So Much

“Work with so much passion that it ceases to be work”, has been my mantra throughout the professional life of 18 years. I loved what I did, in my case news anchoring on a national News channel, NDTV. It came naturally to me as if I was born to do this, I was meant to..