Why Success Is An Inside Job

I offered a seat to a senior citizen onboard a train in New Jersey, USA few years back and she smilingly declined. I did so out of my Indian values but the values exhibited by that old woman left me startled. She just did not show independence but what stood out for me was CHARACTER...

Will Power Doesn’t Always Make You Win

“Using will power to implement targets, is doing violence to yourself”. First, when I heard this piece of wisdom, I was literally shocked. It said using the power of will in doing things, in achieving your goals is an act of violence on yourself. And the person dishing out this shocker is the ‘Business Buddha’..

How To Convert Rejection Into Success

Being rejected is like someone tearing you apart. Someone pulling the rug off your feet. It can be damaging, disappointing and demoralising. If one knows how to DEAL with it, one can get the best out of rejection.  Good News is that it can also be an opportunity to claim more respect and acclaim for..