How to Create Space for More Money

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Creating more space for money sounds weird? If you are wondering you have enough space in your wallet, cupboard or unlimited capacity to store money in your bank account, then this is not the case.

Ever heard of deep pockets? It’s not the physical depth of your trousers but the nature and continuous replenishing of wealth that makes one super rich.

Nature has its own laws which applies to money as well. It can be harnessed to reap rich dividends if followed in heart and spirit.

The vacuum law of prosperity is inspired by nature which dislikes vacuum. It is one of the most powerful ways of increasing your wealth. There is a caveat though.

It requires a degree of very bold faith in nature to actually go through this. It is like stepping on the unknown and being assured that all your needs will be met.

How Does It Work

Identify What Is Not Working For You: Figuring out what is undesirable is as important in figuring out your desire. It can be a product, service, person or a relationship. Remember space is limited for everything. You need to make or have space for something new.  You have to get the undesirable out of your life. Whatever is not working for you, needs to be swept aside.

Start Forming A Vacuum For Wealth: Money is only one aspect of prosperity. Wealth is also what you have in you, in your house, your assets, possessions and your beliefs. You cannot make space for something new that you need if your house is already stuffed.

For example some piece of furniture is not serving its purpose and you want to replace it with something better, just don’t wait for the new one to come. Move out the undesirable piece that you are not happy or done with, to set the vacuum law of prosperity in motion. The new one will find its  place soon.

This also means invest your wealth to grow. Don’t let it lie idle in your bank account. Move it from stagnant to active space.

Take Inspiration From Nature: When in doubt observe nature. It works in the same way. Just observe the growth pattern of any tree or plant. The old leaves shed to pave way for the new. For there is limited space that a tree has, for more and more leaves. Similarly, life is a death and birth cycle where every second someone somewhere dies and a new life takes shape on this planet.

 Spend On Your Desires: One of the best ways of moving your money is to spend on your desires. Most people don’t spend enough on what they want or desire, thinking they will be short of money.

Of course one must not exceed one’s buying capacity, banking on the credit card but there shall be a smart balance between one’s savings, and spending. The more you circulate money the more it works for you. Spend it happily and with a sense of pride that you can afford it. Spending with a grudge affects the energy of your money.

Money Has Emotional Energy : Less Money or more money does not matter as much as what you do with your money matters. Money has tremendous energy. The emotions you put in your money decides if it will work for you or not.


Ken Honda

Any amount of money spent with love, care and joy is happy money. Japanese author Ken Honda in his book “Happy Money” says, buying presents for your loved ones, giving them surprises, donating to some charity, receiving money from satisfied customers is happy money.

While expenditure that drags you down thinking why you have to do it, is sad money. It is always fraught worth some negative emotion line anger, frustration, despair, forced or unwarranted payments.

Money has circular energy. Watch out for the energy of your money. How does money make you feel? If you have enough, you can buy the most desirable things, flaunt your assets and give an impression of being rich.

It is a matter of social status. If you do not have enough money then it becomes an inferiority complex. People lose their self esteem if they are not sufficiently supplied with money.

Lakhs of people commit suicide around the world due to financial problems. Money is not the root cause of the problem but the mindset that stamps scarcity in their mind, is the one responsible for driving away money.

Heal Your Money Wounds

Many people have preconceived notions about money. Most of the times these mind impressions get ingrained in our thinking through our parentage. These impressions decide one’s relationship with money through out life until consciously changed.

Children pick up their parents’ vibrations, beliefs and convictions about money. If parents believe that money is hard to earn, it should be saved more and spent less or have a lack mindset, it will surely reflect in children who in their adulthood will pursue the same money mindset. They will operate in life with limiting beliefs thinking they do not deserve luxury and opulence.

My own upbringing in a middle-class family was about saving money wherever possible and spending in the rational manner. This meant that I was bargaining most of the times where there was a space to do so. I was looking for the best deals and discounts to get my hands-on some of the most desirable products. I would always decide my purchase depending upon the figure on the price tag and not my real desire until I consciously realized it is a mental block and money is an energy.

Most of us are unconsciously trained to be scared of losing money, act selfish and be miserly with money. It could also stem from the past experiences in life which may be related to bitter experiences about money.

Sow Seeds Of Abundance In Your Children

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It is very important to expose our kids to the idea of abundance. The seeds sown in young minds will decide their financial health in future. The best way to sow the idea of abundance is to not talk about paucity of funds.

Telling them there is always enough money for you to be safe and secure will build a solid ground for their healthy relationship with money. For this, the parents have to be groom their money mindset first. Your children can only imbibe, what you practice in your life.

Money mindset can be easily cultivated with determination, focus and faith. It is easy and anyone and everyone can do it. When there is an option to thrive and flourish then why have a penny mindset?

Abundance is our right and it can be attained through firm belief in oneself. If you can dream it, believe it and act on it then nothing can come between you and your money. You will not have to run after it but money will be driven towards you.

I chose this topic because money affects each one of us. It is indispensable. Everyone wants more, not knowing how to do it. I hope this blog has been able to provide valuable insight and ideas about the money mindset. If you like it, please share and let most people benefit out of it.

I would love to hear from you. Do leave your comment at the bottom of this page. Will be happy to reply to your queries. Keep reading for empowering, inspiring and insightful ideas.


The Dynamic Laws of prosperity by Catherine Ponder