How To Multiply Your Wealth

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Could there be a formula to multiply wealth? Something that works effortlessly and shows remarkable results. Something that is tested and is easy to follow. Yes, there is an answer to this coveted question. I will unveil it in this blog but let me forewarn you that you need one thing for this to succeed. A whole-hearted approach.

The formula is easy but it may make you uneasy. It is going to shake up your mental conditioning about money. But only a new approach can only open new ways to growth. Let me go layer by layer.

If you want to grow your wealth by leaps and bounds, then don’t hoard it. Be generous. Sharing your money is one of the secrets of multiplying your wealth. It a fact that sharing one’s wealth or money is not easy for most people.

Dilemma With Sharing

The common instinct is why should I share or give my money to others who played no role in getting me this income. Why should they deserve a pie from my hard-earned money? Sharing will deplete my resources and I will be short of money for my own needs if I share.

It is kind of a hard pill to swallow. If you also feel the same, you belong to the majority of people who like to cling on to their wealth. Logically there is nothing wrong in it. You have full right over your earnings.

Does it sound absurd that sharing can actually increase your wealth.? When I first got to know about it, I was kind of startled. How could donating money or sharing generously swell my kitty?

Sharing Multiplies Wealth

IT DOES. Not only that I have seen people from close quarters who despite limited resources have been very generous in giving and have never felt a lack of anything they have desired but I have experienced it first hand . Money just flows automatically in life through whole hearted giving.

It is a universal law that you receive from the world what you give to the world. It many sound simple but has a very profound meaning. It is like life is a boomerang what you give, you get back.

  Sharing Resonates With Law Of Motion

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. You must have heard this many time in your life. This is Newton’s third law of motion which applies not just to science but all that we do, produce and give, in different realms of life.

It does not mean that those who do not give do not receive at all. There are billions of people who do not believe in giving selflessly. But then you might be wondering do they not receive? They do but with a difference! The difference is money comes through but with significant hard work, effort and labour.

When you give selflessly, money flows in effortlessly. You activate channels of unseen wealth, something that would not even be on your radar.

Money Has Intelligence

Money is filled with the intelligence of the universe, from which it is created. Money reacts to our attitudes about it. If we feel that we have enough to share, it will always keep coming back. The moment you feel that there is not enough to share and I can not part with my money as it is limited, you unconsciously make your money stagnant.

You have to sow the seeds to reap a rich harvest. You may be harvesting but not a full bounty!

It may sound paradoxical that you give away wealth and it keeps filling in. It is almost magical but when you give with an open heart for the greater good, you are dialing in the universal power of wealth, opening channels of effortless growth.

How To Get The Money Multiplying Mindset

  • Get Over The Lack Mindset

There is never a lack of anything if you look around. We have been so unconscious in our daily routines that we have forgotten to appreciate the abundance of nature. Take a moment to appreciate the unlimited greenery, trees, vast sky, water, air and earth, there is never a scarcity. You cut down grass it will grow again. Rain would happen at its time, air is always there to breathe. Apart from the nature, look at the no of people inhabiting earth, number of cars running in the country, number of animals, birds, homes, enterprises, jobs everything is countless. Nature is always abundant, lavish and beautiful. It is a message that there always enough for each one of us.

  • Give Freely And Happily

 It is important to give with an open heart and not with a grudge. If you give but with a grudge or hesitation it does not serve the desired purpose. So giving freely with a feeling that there will always be enough is what sets the multiplier working in your favour. There is joy in giving and the more one gives, the more once receives.

  • Appreciate Other’s Wealth

This is one of the absolute keys to rich thinking. The more comfortable you become with the wealth of others, the faster your  own wealth will grow Most of us are so piqued by the growth and abundance of others that we resent it. Why is that person earning or growing so much? Why is luck on his/ her side? It is this negative feeling of jealousy and ego that stops humans from appreciating other people’s wealth. We always receive more of what we appreciate. Criticizing someone’s wealth is like tagging a negative emotion. Negativity invites depreciation of money in your life.

  • Expand Your ‘Inner Money Container”

  Every time you receive money say thank you to it silently. Japanese Zen millionaire, Ken Honda who has researched over 12000 self-made millionaires has introduced a unique concept called the Arigato Money Technique.

Arigato in Japanese means thank your money. “Arigato in Arigato out” is the mantra he prescribes to all. This means always thank money whether you receive it from someone or give to someone. He says one should always arigato one’s money. It is a way of showing gratitude to your wealth. An ungrateful attitude of mind brings ungrateful results , limited liquidity. The attitude of gratitude keeps prosperity coming to you from every direction.

  • Pay Your Bills With Pride

Don’t resent your expenses. Pay your bills with a sense of pride that you can afford it. Never be critical of your expenses. If you have to make the payment, then doing it with a critical frame of mind does no good. Paying with wholeheartedness opens channels for more to come. What you appreciate grows. If you are thinking why being positive with money matters so much? Then the answer lies below.

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  • Use Your Subconscious To Tap Into Riches

Imagination rules the world. Man is what he imagines himself to be. Unlock the riches through the power of your subconscious mind. Set definite goals. You can realise something only if you are clear about it. So think clearly what you desire and vividly project it on your mental screen. The more you rehearse and practice this, the more your mind will take it as true. Once it is accepted as truth by the ultra-powerful subconscious mind, it is set to manifest in reality.

  • Never Say I Don’t Have Enough

Your words become your reality. Money is ultra-sensitive to what you say and believe about it. If you are telling yourself that you do not have enough money, it will become and remain your reality no matter how much money flows into your life but there will always be a shortage of something.

Money is indispensable. Everyone has a right to prosper and flourish in life. Ignorance leads to creation of unconscious blockages in the path to prosperity.

This is the first blog in the series of money multiplying hacks that are really handy, easy and bring profound results. I hope this will pave the way for unlocking more prosperity for you. If this has resonated with you at some level, do share it with others. Keep reading Let’sfigureoutlife for more enriching and impactful ideas. I would love to hear your comments and feedback.