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How To Reinvent And Discover A New YOU

If there is one thing that is constant in everyone’s life it is CHANGE. There are many people amongst us who have a deep desire to change and can’t figure out how to do it. I too struggled with the strong urge to change before reinventing myself. There was a sense of dissatisfaction brimming inside,..

Life Dil Se ! Healthy Cooking

#OLD SCHOOL COOKING # HEALTHY FOOD Cooking is at the heart of eating well. Health comes not only from what you eat, but also how you cook your food. It is all about cooking right style. Old-school cooking is making a huge comeback with Iron kadhais, earthen pots and copper jugs to name the popular..

Life Lessons from Corona

When we don’t do what we should be doing, we are sometimes forced to do it by nature. This Pandemic has shaken the world to do the same for us. The nature reclaimed its space and authority by shutting everything out through the initial phases of the pandemic. Enforcement of lockdown led to an eerie..

Life Dil Se! Power Nap

#RECHARGE # BETTER LIVING. Napping in afternoon is something not taken kindly in work culture. But it can be a game changer if done righty for a short duration. It can recharge your batteries for the rest of your day leaving you refreshed and de-stressed. Why is it also good for your health, find out..


Coorg in Karnataka , India came alive before my eyes as my mind wandered in the woods to know more about forest bathing. The one- hour nature walk that I did in 2016 is one of the most rejuvenating experiences of my life.  The rich fragrance of cardamom, coffee and a variety of towering trees..

Life Dil Se ! Reinvention

#Meditation #REINVENTION Meditation is the doorway to a fulsome life. It gives the answer and direction to just anything you want. It is all the more important in today's time with so many distractions, stress, anxiety and negativity in general. If you want more out of life, go inwards. For more on meditation and reinvention..

What Can Help You Reverse Aging

Age is just a number. What if you could reverse the tide of aging? Let’s admit looking young is on the wish list of most people. Something that most people struggle to figure out. It is not difficult, believe me. Time will keep ticking, adding numbers to your age but how you tick with time..

What Should Be Your No.1 Priority

Who doesn’t want to be a better parent, a better life partner, a better co-worker or a better boss, a better entrepreneur or a better human being? Being better is a priority though everybody has different priorities. Who or what is your no 1 priority? Money, job or wealth creation? It could be parenting, home,..

Drink Your Food & Chew Your Water

A colleague who had just come back from maternity leave was quite surprised looking at me. She couldn’t resist the temptation of asking me what makes you look so better in the last few months. Coming after a gap of over 6 months, she could not be but surprised at my slimmed waistline, lean body..

Unearth The Wisdom Beneath Your Ground

Ever wondered why the langar at Sikh gurudwaras are always served while sitting cross-legged? Why the Hindus perform their wedding ceremonies in a mandap on ground, why lakhs of Indians create artwork called kolams or rangolis daily in the morning outside their main doors or why we do bhoomi-pujan or worship the earth before starting..

Why I Quit News? I Loved It So Much

“Work with so much passion that it ceases to be work”, has been my mantra throughout the professional life of 18 years. I loved what I did, in my case news anchoring on a national News channel, NDTV. It came naturally to me as if I was born to do this, I was meant to..

How To Multiply Your Wealth

Could there be a formula to multiply wealth? Something that works effortlessly and shows remarkable results. Something that is tested and is easy to follow. Yes, there is an answer to this coveted question. I will unveil it in this blog but let me forewarn you that you need one thing for this to succeed...

Why Loosing Your Sweet Tooth Makes Sense

I lost a part of myself. My sweet tooth was no more. My taste buds had changed. A transformation that took me by complete surprise and startled my family as I was known to savour sweets. I don’t believe in curbing my natural instincts and it applied to my sweet tooth too. From being someone..

How to Create Space for More Money

Creating more space for money sounds weird? If you are wondering you have enough space in your wallet, cupboard or unlimited capacity to store money in your bank account, then this is not the case. Ever heard of deep pockets? It’s not the physical depth of your trousers but the nature and continuous replenishing of..

Colours Can Change A Lot In Your Life

 What is a life without colours? Certainly, dull and boring. Colours bring liveliness, dimension and texture to life. It can have a direct, profound and very interesting impact on our daily lives.  Colours can actually lift up your mood, calm your stress, make you feel romantic, heal and stimulate you in unthinkable ways. Each one..

Why Snooze Is Bad For You

Do you love snoozing your morning alarm to steal that extra dose of sleep? Does it often leave you racing against time in finishing your morning chores before making it to work!! If YES, then you are doing something that is not only harmful for your personal health but also spoiling your entire day. You might be wondering how could an innocuous habit of stealing few minutes..

Life Lesson From Egg, Potato & Coffee

An Inspiring Tale on how you respond to situations that life throws you in , makes all the difference . Listen it and Enjoy the Story. Life needs to be infused with new motivation and inspiration to keep the spirits high. Stories are the perfect medium to soar your spirits and bring a smile with..

Why Gut Matters So Much

Your gut never lies. How often do you regret listening to your gut? Or how often you feel right on going with your gut instinct. Its something that we all pay attention to. This means gut has a system in place that not only warns you in time of danger but also guides and directs..

A Big Thank You For Our First Milestone

Hi. This is a special moment for Lets Figure Out Life Team.  I want to start by saying a big and warm thank you to you all for making reach its first milestone of getting over 1000 readers in less than 14 days. This would not have been possible without your support. I have got some..

Tap The Power Of NAP

I was in the middle of my news bulletin at around 3.20 pm, struggling to concentrate, feeling super sleepy. My head was almost swinging in air, every now and then. I was visibly making an effort to stay awake during the ad-break while anchoring, with the whole crew watching. It was something that had happened..

How Yawning Can Work Wonders!

How often have you tried to stifle or bother about your yawn? It is normally seen to be associated with boredom, lethargy and tiredness. If I were to tell you that it is a fabulous thing for you, it may sound strange. Yawning can elevate your mood, decrease your stress, shoot up your concentration and..

Orchha: An Untold Legend That Still Rules

Orchha means a hidden gem. A gem which has been away from public glare. That is the reason why it still retains its quaint beauty and the rustic charm. Orchha is a history lover’s delight. I was floored with its enchanting monuments, some that evoked an instant WOW on my lips. Winters were waning off..

Mandu Mesmerises With Its Charm

The trip to Mandu happened in chilling winter when Delhi was freezing with cold and temperatures breaking 100-year record in the national capital, I got an opportunity to fly down to a warm, sunny and beautiful getaway far from the maddening city life. NDTV had asked me to cover the Mandu festival organised by the..